Conceptual Practices: When Art Classes Pivot

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Conceptual Practices

The art works featured in the virtual exhibit were created for the course Conceptual Practices taught by Malena Bergmann. They were specifically created during the move to online teaching during tht Covid-19 pandemic. 


  1. "Netaphor" (Net as Metaphor) - Make a physical and metaphorical net (at least 6' x 6') out of materials that help convey the meaning
  2. One Minute Sculpture  (ongoing, starting in 1988) by Erwin Wurm - Make 20 One Minute Sculptures (using bodies and objects or just objects)
  3. Body Project - Make something conceptual and physical that the body can inhabit
  4. Collection #1 out of 3 - Identify a personally meaningful theme or concept and collect or do something with careful focus, repeatedly, 75 times in 3 months.  Document the objects or experiences visually and identify what they are.
  5. Final Creative Experiment : Make something with the semester-long collection,or with inspiration derived from the  collection. Must be conceptual and presented in a way that is experimental and unpredictable.