Senior Spotlight: Veronique Hooper

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About the Artist

Veronique Hooper is a student in the BFA program for Digital Media at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Hooper describes herself as a very versatile artist and enjoys working in several different mediums. Her favorite areas are ceramics and colored pencil.

Intentions with Her Work

She considers herself an interdisicplinary artists whose work focuses on conceptually-based ideals of societal norms or flaws. She tries to connect with those who feel like outsiders or have been through difficult situations. While she tends to incorporate metaphors into each piece, she also tries to let the viewer analyze the work through their own perspective, even letting the visual components speak for themselves.


Conceptual Practices taught by Malena Bergman in Fall 2017


Metaphor: Make A Net

Objective: Make a non-verbal metaphor net and document it in a way that would enhance the metaphor. The net can not be made with the typical materials like rope, twine, string, or yarn,. Once the material is selected, the student teaches themselves how to tie it in order to make a net. 

Artist Statement

Restricted Freedom , Cut paper & Tape,   72” x 56” x 72” , 2017.

Restricted Freedom is a metaphor for being trapped within the government and bound by laws or underlying fine prints. We all live in America, seen as a free nation, but we don’t live in true freedom. We are under the control of  the government, living through set restrictions and believed to think we can do as we please. I chose for the setting to be in the library because each book has a spine and a story of their own. Every book is labeled and organized under the filing system of the library , being watched over and every book has an author. We are the authors of our own stories and like books we are filed under rules and monitored. The material is paper and on those slithers of paper are government documents that I printed up such as the Amendment and constitution, alongside this I included highlighting certain laws blue that help us as citizens and the yellow ones are laws that were made to help but do not necessarily comprehend with the way society is now.

Artist Explaining Her Work